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The rose cease wilts 'pon winter's chill
at sound of your fine name.
And blooms upon your slightest touch,
as does my heart of flame.

No bead of thy fine blood should pool
nor sweat escape your brow
should burden or sharp thorn to prick
upon my love, I vow.

But love you leave me wanting -
my feelings you neglect.
As rose you are, you bear your thorns
and know not their effect.

For all my promised pleasures,
for all my pleading stead,
thy thorns of sweetest treachery
are placed upon my head.

What love is this, of yours I thought,
that eyes light up in lies.
For never would a wolf have seen
a carcass in disguise.

For ner would I have thought you so,
but aye, you came to be
None any love or liking mine -
Ere you never came to me.

As rose does wilt, it does decay.
I find my love for you doth stray.
And you and love are plucked away.
Lo, Eve and temptress I do slay.
Secrets of your hearts
tremble in a locked chest.
i have no key - 
only lips.
to smile and kiss - 
To ease open the lock,
to spurn your rusty 
to open the cell to beat
once again
in the warm sunlight,
my love.
I am the Key
oh whoop whoop realized after writing it - in structure - looks like a key XD hence "clever" title
There was a war here. Long ago I realize now. A crusade for justice and goodness to prevail, ironic in the bloodshed that poured across sands and rivers. And i was a part of it. And I helped to end it. Had i known years ago, who I was, and what I would do, and what I would come to be, I would not have believed it to be so. A part of me was always unsure of the easiness of my life. Part of me was unconciously unsettled because it knew something was going to happen. Something was going to change.

It was not - in my everyday plan - to have the tranquil village life I knew dumped on its side and scrambled about. I did not ever imagine traveling anywhere farther than the next sea port from my town, nor traverse mountains and desert and fight out against the very deity of evil itself.

Ah, but things happen. And they have led me - in the luckiest of ways - to a good life, one I would not change now, as it would never have turned out this way if certain events had not occurred. I lost things and people dear to me along the way; I would trade many a thing to get them back. But so it is not to be, and so I must carry on.

To be built up you must be broken down and I tell you I was redone many a time. In old age - as I have been lucky enough to reach what I can consider to feel like old being only forty and two - I can count myself as lucky. I have done great things in my life, helped so many, many people, traveled the deserts and the hills and the seas. I have children and a husband and a home to come back to. This was however, not how it was supposed to be. Mine was not the common life story I thought it was.

I was and am a story teller. At least I have come to be. I have time yet, and - I hope - years ahead of me. Would you like to hear the Tale of the Light? Perhaps the Crumble of the Dragon? Or maybe a simple love story, traversing miles and taking adventurous risks? Perhaps heartbreak? Well, my dear, I can assure you, they are all one and the same, as they are my story. You see, they call me Eveen.

So where to I begin? Ah yes, I was seventeen at the time; a skinny young girl from a small sea port village in a large, lush country. I was eager, and easy to trust, to jump. And I was - of course - naïve. I thought I knew all - could handle all - and whatever small town hysteria that might happen across my dear town. I knew hard work. I knew troubles - as much as the daughter of a baker could - and heartbreaks, and jolly times. But then there was the war. A thing so far away from my home it barely seemed real, it was a fight of religions, of good and bad, of right and wrong, and morals, ethics, and power.

Our land was green and fresh, dancing with the veins of rivers from the heart of the ocean. It  was and is a glorious place, led by centuries in the One Light, the god of this world. The Light – pure, welcoming, eternal – has been for ages in past and will be in ages to come. Light watches over this land, has blessed it in abundance and the richness of the earth. Our land is V’iqt’e, my home.

Our country bordered the ocean, leading from the winter lands of the North called Dr'umang, along the stretching coast of the West to the provinces of the heated South. The people of the North – the Dr’umads – are pale and composed and solitary in their cold. The Southern V'iqe'an Providences are always wary of the rebellious Bloodhands that pirate the Southern shore and reside in the southern tip territory.

But in the East . . . beyond what we call the B’erchw’uds – the woodlands within the mountains – lies the P’aqtres Desert Lands. From one step of the woods to the other is grass to dust and sand. And past these lands of dust and parched soil . . . St’af’er’an, where horse and man disappear at one step past the boarder. The magic in that land is strong, overpowering, and choking.

There was an evil there, in the land itself as well as the people. The presence that was the Dark tricked and thieved away their lives. And they never even knew it. Those who followed that evil were known as the Maligns. We, V’iqe’ans of the Light fought a war of religious dominance with the Maligns. V’iqt’e

The history of our land is a grand tale. The very soul of the Light can be felt in the warmth of a rock on the shore, in the heartbeat of a newborn fawn, in the laughter of water over pebbled riverbank. Light gave us the seasons, four, like the four winds, the four elements. The seasons of Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring share the year, ninety days each to tell the passing of time. And the years in our calendar were broken up into three five-hundred-year Cycles known as the Sun, Moon, and Stars.

And I suppose my story began when I was born in the years 340 of Sun. The world I grew up in was simple; the prosperous village of J'unqtport on the sea. I had no part in the war; at least, I had hoped never to have one. My dreams were in a much simpler place, one of success and happiness.

With each sunrise I said my prayers to the Light One; thanks and blessings for what was and what would be in my life. I was called then Evey. My life and future were not as simple as I could ever known being so young. No love or adventure could i have imagined to be set in the stones of my fate, in the fate of this land. I was simply - at first -  a sudden, and whole heartedly, love-struck girl.
Prologue: A Vikian Tale - Light's Shadow
Should have uploaded this a long time ago. The prologue for Trapped in Light's Shadow: A Vikian Tale. Yes, things are spelled a bit differently here, but the (') before a letter simply means it is the soft vowel, and without it, the vowel is pronounced with it's hard sound or "saying it's name" (even though letters do not make sounds, people do . . .) So, without further ado, the prologue. I have been working diligently on this, and THE END IS NEAR! meaning I have it all planned out. . . just not written out in order yet XD should you wish to read more - as there are 28 chapters FINISHED - you may chack it out on my page, in a lovely little folder entitled "A Vikian Tale: Trapped in Light's Shadow"
Please do not steal my work or my characters, all belong to be and my brain. you may proceed to enjoy reading however :)

If eyes are the windows to the soul,
then the lips, perhaps, its doors.
The ears, they hear, but do not listen.
So where of these are yours?
I hear the words as lies.
I see your soul burn cold and blue.
My ears, they hear as you don't listen
to your own sold wit and untruths.
At which perchieves a reality persists
to claim you use but one.
So if lips or sight are to precede
that leaves the ears undone.
And eyes as soul I see no light
and doors to soul breathe lies,
then ears, all left are useless
to interpret soul's demise.
And no one cares and no one sees
their souls I guess closed way.
And no inviting words they speak,
alone they leave to decay.

Hmmmm, we I have not updated a journal for a long while so I thought I would give anyone who might be curious (is there anyone out therefree peekaboo avvy  any one at all watching me and what I've doing??? thank you if so ^-^ if not, aww well, I will keep writing this anyways)
Ahem.Kitty Cat 
I have been writing stories for a very long time. I am young (ish) yet I have not ever finished the book I started three years ago. BUT I have continued regularly working on it over the years. and would you know it, that one - which I never intended to get anywhere, sprouted into another one, and from there actually three. . . and four. . . and wouldn't you know it that book has turned into a series of FIVE stories,NO WAY???  with a timeline and lots of people and love and care into my own personal fandom world XD. It just sort of exploded on me.
Now. A couple of weeks ago my mind blew up on me and I CONNECTED all five stories I has been brewing in my mind with one thing.Woohooooo!  (nooooo spoooilersss *Riversong) So I will not mention what, BUT THE POINT IS that I have been working diligently, taking advantage of my brain while it is not locked up with writer's block. I would LIKE to finish the first book by Christmas. I mean, that isn't too far fetched right?:yes:  I had hoped to have it finished a long time ago, but not I think I could really do it :D So excite in my own little brain world. So stay tuned for updated chapters on Trapped in Light's Shadow (title yet pending  . . ) as well as reuploaded, edited versions of previous chapters.
ON ANOTHER NOTE. I have been painting some things more recently - mainly fandom shoes for friends. So I will have more finished pictures of them up soon. I just finished a pair a week ago or so and they will be up right after this ^-^ Feeling very good about getting work out there again, even with personal struggles in depression and anxiety. BUT I TRUDGE ON. *Determination OMG MOAR POEMS! , Positivity:iconpositivityplz: ! work work work! So I will see you guys out there excited happy 


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